Nail & Acrylic Nail Care

Nail & Acrylic Nails Info

 I care for your natural nails when applying, maintaining or removing Acrylic Enhancements.
I do not rush, applying a strong set of Acrylic Enhancements takes time.
The information I provide here will help you to look after your nails and keep them looking good for longer.


Looking After Acrylic Nails

Using a Cuticle Oil daily is an essential part of wearing acrylic nails. Cuticle oil will help condition your cuticles and skin as well as keep your acrylic nails flexible, less likely to break and help them to last longer.
Keep your infill/rebalance appointment, this should be every 2-3 weeks depending on how quickly your nails grow, it may be a good idea to book the same day and time.
Avoid biting or picking, this will cause damage to your acrylics and your natural nail underneath!
Try to avoid using ‘nail glues’ to fix any problems, come into the salon with any breakages or repairs.
Remove nail polish using NON ACETONE remover.
Look after your acrylic nails. Wear protective gloves when using detergents/solvents, when doing household chores or gardening.
Apply a new layer of top coat over nail art every 3-4 days to protect the design.
Remember! Your new nails are strong but they are not tools, using them as such could lead to damage or loss of the acrylic nails. Look after your nails.  
Should you need to remove your enhancements return to the salon to have them removed with a professional product remover.
Picking, biting or peeling them off will cause thinning and damage to your natural nails.

After Wearing Acrylic Nails

After the removal of acrylic your nails will need re-hydrating, a manicure will help restore moisture to your nails, skin & cuticles.
Continue to use your cuticle oil or hand cream daily.
Maintain regular manicure appointments.
Keep your natural nails at a reasonable length to avoid breakages.
After acrylic removal you may think your nails seem thinner, this is usually due to having become accustomed to the stronger more flexible acrylics.


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